CIYA Construction

It is a company originally from Querétaro, with presence in the Bajío (Aguascalientes, Jalisco, Guanajuato, San Luis Potosí, Querétaro). We have the capacity and experience for the development of commercial, industrial and infrastructure projects, from its pre-design to its execution and implementation.




CIYA construction is composed of a group of expert professionals in each area who work with great effort and dedication every day to obtain the results that our clients expect, thus generating an efficient flow of information that allows cost, time and quality objectives are met or exceeded in each project.

We pay special attention to details, since we consider that this is where the image of excellence that we like to give our works begins.

We are very proud to show off the great satisfaction of our customers at the time of delivery / reception in each of the projects in which we participate. Their testimonies usually highlight the following differences of CIYA construction company, over its competitors:


We have worked on projects for world class companies with high impact on public and private infrastructure.

Expert Support

Each member of the company is a specialist in their area, being able to solve any obstacle that arises during the project.


We have developed internal work methodologies that allow us to ensure quality at work and efficiency in time and budget.

Efficient Information Flow

We present weekly reports with all our clients, comparing the work program against progress, giving this a greater certainty that their projects can be fulfilled in a timely manner.



We have more than 10 years of experience in the field, we are ware of the most common challenges a projects could face and how to overcome them successfully.


We communicate and act directly and transparently with all of our clients.

The commitment to quality and special attention to detail are reflected in each and every one of our projects.

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«I recommend them for the quality of their work, the structure of the company and the communication relationship they have with us.»


The relationship has always been very open and transparent, so we no longer see them as another supplier, but our partner. We found in them the solution and it has facilitated the projects … we have had many adversities and changes [during the project] and they have known how to make more flexible and provide the right solution for each subject …

René Escamilla


I have a good relationship with CIYA. They understand our needs and the pressure we face. When we need something urgently, they understand the situation and support us.

Alvaro Mendoza

Construction Superintendent, COPACHISA

«I recommend them for the quality of their work, the structure of the company, and the communication they have with us. The director is always on the lookout throughout the whole process they don’t just leave one supervisor like others. They adapt to our needs and for us it has made all the difference to have such a provider. We chose them  because of the great price to quality ratio they had with previous projects,  which is also very important.»

Victor Ochoa

Construction manager, ASPEN


Excellence and determination in each project


GRUPO CIYA projects

The types of project segment that CIYA construction develops are:


  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Infrastructure
  • Institutional